Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) Equipement

1. Instrument

1. Model PHI-590, Physical Electronics (USA) for Surface Analysis and Depth Profiling with SIMS Attachment.
1. Primary Ion Beam - Ar
2. Minimum Beam Diameter - 200 mm
3. Maximal Ion Beam Energy - 5 KeV
4. Mass Range - 1 to 300 amu
5. Quadrupole Mass resolution - 1 amu
6. Sensitivity - depending on element and matrix effect, till ppm
2. Model: ATOMIKA 4500 DEPTH PROFILER (external service)

This is one of the best profilers for the microelectronics and the metallurgical industry

1. Primary Ion Beam: Cs+ and O2+
2. Minimum Beam Diameter - in the micrometer range
3. Ion Beam Energy - 0.2KeV to 5 KeV, FLIG Technology
4. Capabilities - Depth Profiling and Elemental Imaging
5. Mass Range - 1 to 300 amu
6. Quadrupole Mass Resolution - 1 amu
7. Sensitivity - ppm range and delta (d) doped samples

2. Sample information

* The area of interest must either be an exposed area or within about 2 microns from the surface (general work). Greater than 2 micrometer depth profile not general work
* The maximum sample size that can be accommodated: less than 1´ 1 cm.
* The minimum sample size that can be accommodated in the sample holder is limited by handling considerations.
* The regular minimal area that can be analyzed is around 10 micrometers.
* The sample must be UHV vacuum compatible.
* Conductive samples can be analyzed while non-conductive samples can in the majority of cases be analyzed as well.

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) Technique

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