3D vision for LM and SEM

Products are developed for creating and analyzing 3D data sets

mex_logo1MeX is a software product to compute and analyze digital elevation models (DEMs) from stereoscopic scanning electron microscope (SEM) images.

  	SEM + 3D Measurement!  Gain the benefits of high-end 3D analysis - Visualize your SEM images with a new perspective using MeX software ...

SEM + 3D Measurement! Gain the benefits of high-end 3D analysis - Visualize your SEM images with a new perspective using MeX software ...

MeX opens up the third dimension to the SEM users. In order to determine the topography of microstructures MeX is the ultimate tool when other means have come to an end.
Using MeX you can measure profiles, roughness values, area parameters and even volumes of your specimen from SEM images.


A new dimension in light microscopy

InfiniteFocus allows the capturing of sharp, brilliant images of almost infinite depth of focus. Within seconds if01high-resolution color images are calculated applying innovative algorithms. Contrary to conventional approaches robust and accurate results are achieved. Therefore not only sharp images can be calculated but also accurate 3D measurements and topographic analyses are possible. Explore how to turn a conventional light microscope into a fully digital three-dimensional measurement device.

Two major innovations distinguish InfiniteFocus

  • 1. A motorized changing of the working distance results into different in-focus areas on the observed specimen - a whole series of images, the so-called image stack is captured. Novel digital image processing algorithms reproduce the image formation process in the microscope and determine which pixel are in focus. Images with optimal focus are the result. Additionally the surface topography is determined.

2. Conventional techniques do not allow optimal illumination in all image areas. In most cases areas appear either too bright or too dark. InfiniteFocus directly controls the light source and the digital camera and from that information calculates for each pixel the optimal illumination.

Your advantages

  • images with almost infinite depth of focus
  • fully-automatic creation of 3D datasets for profile- area- and even volume analysis
  • images under optimal illumination due to digital image capturing and digital controllable light source
  • convenient working with the microscope due to latest camera technology
  • modular design - upgrade your existing microscope or decide on new harmonizing components

Technical specification

scan table size 100 x 70 mm
working area 78 x 34 mm
maximum load 0.5 kg
resolution 1 µm

working range (motorized) 30 mm
range with manual feed 80 mm
resolution 0.5 µm

CMOS camera
resolution 1280 x 1024 Pixel
pixel size 7.5 µm
radiometric resolution up to 10 bit

IF Junior

Enhance your view - infinite depth of focus with your microscope!

IF Junior uses the InfiniteFocus technology of Alicona. Our easy-to-use software is able to calculate images with theoretical infinite depth of focus:
First you capture several images with different focus settings and open these images with IF Junior. In the next step you choose the quality of reconstruction and after a short time for calculation the sharp image is ready to be saved.



3D-Spy is a software package designed to visualize and analyze 3D data sets of various depth measurement devices like Atomic-Force-Microscopes (AFM), Laser-Scanning-Microscopes, Interferometer, Profilometer, etc. However, the data set does not have to be from microscopic sources, you can also analyze macroscopic data as for example collected by satellites.
Starting from the raw 3D data the program computes a digital elevation model used for visualization and analysis purposes. You can measure topographic features like roughness, waviness, ratio between true and projected surface, volumes and many more via the provided analysis modules.

3dspy_hole_tn 3dspy_falschfarbe_tn

Example: original depth image and color coded 3D model created by 3D-Spy

3D-Spy is made up of several modules, in order to fit your individual needs:

3D-Spy-Database: graphical database to administrate your data sets
3D-Spy-Anaglyph-Viewer: module to visualize the 3D data set as an anaglyph image to be viewed with red/blue glasses
3D-Spy-DEM-Viewer: module to visualize the 3D model
3D-Spy-Profile: module to extract and analyze profiles
3D-Spy-Area: module to extract and analyze area based features
3D-Spy-Volume: module to measure volumes of voids or protrusions

3D Spy is a sole software solution. You do not need any additional hardware. 3D Spy can be operated on every PC running under Windows™ 95, 98, NT, 2000 as well as LINUX (for ports on workstations running UNIX please contact us).
Using 3D-Spy you can present and analyze your data sets in ways not possible so far.

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