El-Sol Technologies Ltd. was funded in 1997 by Dr. Jaime Gordon after returning of a period of research work as visiting scientist to one of the leading Universities in Japan: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT). Since its inception El-Sol Technologies Ltd  has two main activities and operations in the field of Surface and Interface Chemistry and Materials Characterization:

    1. Representation of High Quality Manufacturers of Surface Science Equipment from overseas.

    2. El-Sol Microanalytical Laboratory is an independent Surface Science, analytical and inspection  facility. The laboratory is privately owned and functions on a dedicated commercial basis to provide the best quality and professional services to its customers.

    The Laboratory also offers the possibility of undertaking joint projects with industry and institutions.

    We are using a very fast way of communication with our customers via Internet, through which we communicate the results of the measurements, send pictures, graphs and reports almost immediately, all over the world, directly to customer’s desk. The Internet-way offers also the possibility of real time interaction with us on-line during the analytical measurements via e-mail. Certainly we also communicate with our customers in the conventional way of phone, fax, regular mail and personal visits to our laboratory (very recommended, sunny Natanya and the Holy Land!).

    The analytical laboratory and equipment is managed and operated by experienced research scientists, all having Ph.D.’s in the relevant fields of Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Electronic Materials and Microelectronics. The microanalytical laboratory director is Dr. Jaime Gordon (Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Technion-Israel, M.Sc E.E. Tel Aviv University-Israel, B.Sc. Physics, Technion-Israel). The scientific staff has broad experience in Surface Science, experimental research in academia and work in industry in Israel, USA, UK, Denmark, Germany and Japan.

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